Friday, October 09, 2015

QtDeclarative-2d first code drop!

I have the pleasure to announce the first sourcecode drop of our qtdeclarative (Quick2) renderer for system without GPU's.

The sources

The first push contains the branch "asm" which is a version for ARM systems only. If you want to try it on your system, please note the following:

The screen resolution is hardcoded in QQuickItem and in alphablender.S.

The screen needs to be in 32-bit mode ( fbset -depth 32)

More branches with more generic support will follow soon.

So, instead of complaining that it is not working for you , or that it looks bad , go fork it and make pull requests. The whole idea with releasing this as a opensource project is to make it a community project. More details about how it is built up will be posted here in next week.

This work is funded by FLIR to investigate the possibilities of running a rich UI on simple devices with high performance.

Freescale Semiconductor

The reference hardware is Freescale i.MX7, but is also tested on much smaller hardware with ARM9 cores.

If you find this effort interesting , have suggestions, want to certify it for your hardware, please tell me: , Prevas


Unknown said...


First of all thanks for sharing this, it looks promising. A couple of questions:
- do you plan on sharing the modifications made to QtQuickControls?
- do you plan on having a NEON-optimized version of the asm?


Nick said...


I'd tried your codes on wince platform, the qt5quickd.dll appeard, but the Qt cannot detected it? my Qt version is 5.5.0.

Do you know why does this occurs?


Michael Grunditz said...

A small update: There was a small but ugly syntax error that are now fixed. Sorry and update your sources.

About NEON:

I have experimented a bit with it but found no real advantages. However the source is out there and feel free to NEON it if you want to.